Black Betty Consulting Services Limited is a multi-disciplinary group serving the G2G (Government to Government) Segment worldwide. It was set up originally in 2010 as a company to provide support services for the energy sector in emerging countries. From early project origination around the oil industry, mainly in the midstream and downstream operations (refinery building, finance and fuel trading) it has participated or originated complete projects around large scale power generation facilities.

The Group evolved through organic growth and is now serving 28 Governments and states across the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS, East Africa, the Caribbean and South America. The group is incorporated in Cyprus and operates subsidiaries in Greece, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Bahamas, Uganda, UAE, Russia and Canada. Its activities have expanded and today it covers operations in:

1. Defence
2. Security
3. Energy
4. Mining and Mineral Resources
5. Basic Commodities

6. Aviation
7. Banking and Finance
8. Shipping and Transport
9. Corporate Support Services
10. Investments


The Group has combined operations worth just over $400m for the financial year of 2014 and is en-route to increase its turnover by 10% year-on-year. Over the course of 10 years it can demonstrate unique partnerships with some of the world’s largest and most respected corporations, bringing forward the necessary resources to complete successfully projects in challenging environments. Our government network includes to-date direct liaison with 28 Governments whilst indirectly we can access more than 80 countries worldwide at senior-level officials. The combined and integrated approach means that the company is capable of a bottom-up approach, providing the full set of services for most environments.

Our experience combined with resources, network and logistics available to us support our projects and we are able to optimize our delivery parameters. We maintain strong liaison and rapport with key institutions in the finance segment giving us unique access to capital and trading facilities, worldwide. Our own capital resources provide proprietary work to be conducted seamlessly and efficiently. Over our corporate lifespan we have managed project finance worth over $3bn, trading worth over $500m and hold investments of over $100m in such diverse sectors as energy infrastructure and power generation through to investments in bio-technology and advanced defence equipment.

In terms of human resources we hire the best people in the market place. Professionals working with us, stay with us. We have a flavour of utilising professionals from various cultural and ethnic background and assign them to challenging tasks, purely based on merit. Our people are given immediate access to our network –spanning over 28 Governments and more than 300 corporations- and our resources that among others include excellent information technology tools and finance.


Our vision provides us with clarity of purpose and a sense of destiny. It also characterizes our ethos and approach on business. We aspire to become the ultimate and recognized partner of governments and enable sovereign states acquire full control of their destiny, rights and position and place them on the world map.


Black Betty is characterized by a set of qualities that dictate its business model and overall approach. Commitment runs deeply in the company’s pedigree; once agreement is reached with a client/partner, the group honours it without hesitation or back dropping. Reliability is key in ensuring that all activities are met at an acceptable and agreed level, whilst excellence is the company’s minimum standard. Transparency and efficiency are also trademark qualities of the group. Challenging sectors such as defence equipment provision, often under adverse conditions and geopolitical obstacles do not deter our professional staff deliver on time and on schedule at the agreed quality and standards. Finally, our creativity and flexibility combined with our multidisciplinary approach and network allows us to offer and deliver complex solutions in sensitive and challenging conditions. From co-financing through to procurement, trade and deployment we are capable of helping our clients and partners meet their objectives in full. Our integrity ensures that our clients can conduct their operations as planned and deliver quality, whilst they can benefit with maximum value for money. Confidentiality is critical and we honour it at full as we understand its importance between us and our clients.

Black Betty Consulting Services Limited
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