Black Betty is specializing in large scale projects mainly targeting the air defence and air-force units of armed forces.

Since 2010 it has delivered mid-range air defence systems across the Middle East and East Africa.

The main Eastern Designation systems it dominates include:

Air Defence

S-125 2M/2D/M2 – Pechora (medium range air defence system, upgraded to solid state components)
Pantsir S-1 (medium range air defence system)
9K33 OSA (short range air defence system, upgraded to solid state components)
S-300 PMU1/2 (long range air defence system)

Air Force

MiG-21 (fighter)
MiG-23 (fighter/ground-attack)
MiG-29 (fighter/multi-role)
Su-24 (fighter/multi-role)
Su-25 (ground attack)
Mi-17 (transport helicopter)
Mi-24 (gunship helicopter)

Black Betty owns and delivers air-defence protection technology based on proprietary hardware synchronized with existing air defence RADAR installations. Our systems are compatible with both Soviet and NATO designations.

In addition to conventional supply of goods and services, Black Betty has proprietary technology to retrofit conventional ground attack bombs (i.e. FAB/KAB) into fully guided smart attack weapons. All our technology has been developed in-house and based on the US-JDAM concept.

Ground Forces

Tanks – MBT T54/55, T72, T90)
Armored Personnel Carrier (BTR -50/60/70/80)


Fleet Support Vessels

UAV Technology

Early Reconnaissance and Detection Planes
Airborne RADAR Systems

Parts and Services

Black Betty has excellent access to inventories for the supply of specialized parts and ammunition alongside dedicated personnel to service, upgrade and modernize military equipment. We have proven capability in providing operational support of this kind for land forces (armored personnel carriers, main battle tanks, and artillery units), air force (both NATO and Soviet/Eastern designations), air defence systems ((both NATO and Soviet/Eastern designations), navy and of course unique rage of special forces and their equipment.


Our main focus in the defence sector is strategic weapons and defence infrastructure. We aim to make sovereign states safer and secure. Key to this approach is the provision of strategic equipment that acts as a deterrent for state enemies, foreign and domestic. In rare occasions we where we establish that it is necessary and adds strategic value we do support governments in the acquisition of small and mid-size defence equipment. We have access to some of the largest stock inventories whilst we can originate the supply of most recent and developed equipment. From assault rifles through to anti-tank systems, APCs and MBTs we are a partner of choice, capable of delivering complete, integrated solutions for a modern army in minimal time and cost and under adverse trade conditions.


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