We have active presence in the energy sector and have participated in projects across East Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean regions.

We cover most segments within the energy sector and this includes both the support in infrastructure projects as well as trading energy products.

Oil and Gas

– Upstream (Exploration and Production)
– Mid-stream (Refining and Petrochemicals)
– Downstream (trading of fuels, logistics and distribution)

Power Generation

– Feasibility Studies
– Financial Structuring
– Procurement
– Set-up


Energy Trading
Energy Finance
Energy Infrastructure

Within the oil and gas sector we maintain a unique position with access to every single refinery in Europe, Russia and the Middle East. This provides us with the capability of acquiring fuel blocks at competitive pricing, of superior quality and within extremely short settlement times. From transport diesel through to jet fuel and gasoline black betty is working with some of the world’s leading petrochemical producers and traders and can deliver products in bulk efficiently and seamlessly. In addition to the trade of petrochemical products, black Betty is involved actively (in fact as an originator) in oil and gas infrastructure at all stages (upstream, mid-stream and downstream). It has active presence in the set-up of mid-size refineries in East Africa, the origination of small fuel-powered electricity generation, the provision of integrated services for upstream exploration and production and of course downstream sales and distribution. Most of its oil and gas operations at ground level are in East Africa and the Middle East.

Our focus in energy infrastructure is towards power generation and this includes complete provision of plants in the thermal, hydro and renewables segments, the provision of grid infrastructure support for power transmission, measuring and trading of energy products. We have demonstrated capability in working with governments and originating projects from the bottom up through to a complete solution, delivered and ready for use. Through our network and resources we are capable in supporting states with finance, the acquisition of equipment and services provision and the overall set-up and maintenance of power plants.

Our complete and integrated approach allows us to offer a complete solution that includes finance and pre-finance of projects, transport and logistics, installation, testing and maintenance of plants, facilities and operations.


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