Within the mining sector Black Betty is operating in the licensing and rights acquisition of promising prospects.

Its key focus is in the precious and industrial metals segment, whereas it works alongside reputable mining companies for developing promising prospects. Black Betty is the conduit point ensuring that Governments retain adequate returns on the state’s resources.

Its operations cover:

– Project Generation/Origination

– Mining Reconnaissance

– Prospecting

– Exploration

– Exploitation

– End-of-life Assessment and Closure

On a purely Government level whereas natural resources are being controlled in full by a State Black Betty support operations both in the trade of extracted minerals and when suitable in the actual mining operations.

Support levels include:

– Geological Surveys
– Survey Assessment and Validation
– Licensing and Leasing

Mine-specific Activities:

– Blasting
– Quarrying
– Refining

Black Betty is particularly interested in:

– Copper
– Zinc
– Aluminium
– Gold

The company’s current portfolio includes operations at all levels in the CIS region (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan), Balkans (Albania, Kosovo, Serbia), East Africa (Uganda, Eastern DRC, Burundi) and West Africa (Namibia, Nigeria).


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