Part of Black Betty’s activities is dedicated towards the handling and trading of basic commodities.

Closely linked with its operations in the natural resources and energy department, Black Betty supports Governments and on special cases, corporations with their commodity handling and trading.

Activity to-date includes:

1. Supply of aluminium
2. Supply of fuels (gasoil, heavy oil, bunkering, jet fuel and gasoline)
3. Supply of maze
4. Supply of steel

5. Trade of bulk sugar
6. Trade of coal
7. Trade of copper
8. Trade of gold
9. Trade of sugar-cane

Being very closely linked with major industrial conglomerates and commodity traders, the Group is capable of sourcing suppliers and buyers directly thus reducing commission costs and providing savings to its clients. The Group focused heavily on quality and reliability, ensuring that agreed terms are being met whilst qualitative characteristics are being assessed by independent auditors.In addition to physical supply and trade, Black Betty also operates in the derivatives segment, effectively hedging risk for its clients. Through sophisticated mechanisms in partnership with global traders and financial institutions, Black Betty structures and trades commodity-based paper products.

From national armies pursuing the lowest possible cost for their fuels supplies through to state enterprises seeking to hedge purchase risks for industrial metals, Black Betty can support operations and deliver structures that minimize exposure and provide flexibility in commodity supplies. Such operations are also useful for establishing a layer of anonymity and ensure that buyers and sellers are shielded from head-titles and recording mechanisms. Most activity is over the counter and structures like commodity-backed debt linked to delivery instruments provide the necessary means for seamless and off-the-record trading.

Finally, part of the Group’s activities includes logistics and storage support. Black Betty has allocated slots in various storage facilities ranging from fuels and crude oil tanks worldwide through to refinery and metal processing plants. Together with storage allocations the Group can offer a complete solution for physical commodity handling.


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