One of the key strengths of Black Betty Consulting Services is its ability to work alongside major banking and financial institutions.

All activities in all sectors require at some point financial instruments of some kind and in many cases, especially in Governmental-led projects, finance is an integral and often defining part of a project origination.

Black Betty retains relationships with conventional retail and corporate banking institutions worldwide, with a main base for its financial activities in London and New York, taking advantage of capital provisions from institutional and sophisticated investors. Its presence in Zurich and the Bahamas ensures that it can utilize speciality services from private banks and boutique investment banks. Alongside regulated banks, Black Betty operates alongside a set of financial solutions companies and makes use of speciality services.

The range of services Black Betty can offer through its banking affiliates include:

1. Project Finance
2. Debt Finance
3. Debt Roll-over and Purchase
4. Asset Securitization
5. Trade Finance (including LC, performance bonds)
6. Foreign Exchange Services
7. Wealth Management

8. Corporate Bank Accounts
9. Personal Bank Accounts
10. Fund Transfers
11. Paymaster Accounts
12. Loans
13. Investments and Investment Management
14. Sovereign Wealth Management
15. Bridge Finance

The Group works alongside several other finance-related organizations, including legal and consulting practices, accounting firms and individuals. Objectives like setting up SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles are often required, whilst off-shore-type accounts are frequent for the purpose of offering anonymity and tax efficiency to its clients. Specific media organizations within the finance segment are also included in the Group’s network for raising awareness of specific activities to a target audience and the public. Finally relationships with international financing institutions such as the World Bank, the IFC, EIB and EBRD ensure that Black Betty and its clients enjoy access to anchor capital.


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