Shipping is within the DNA of Black Betty, being a company that is operating within some of the largest shipping nations.

It is linked with several ship-owing companies, chartering companies and ship finance organizations. Whether it is for transporting crude oil and fuels or specialized equipment or commodity products, the Group has direct access to some of the world’s biggest companies and their fleets. It can achieve excellent charter rates, apply confidentiality and discretion on its clients and the cargo at use and make available a combined 2,000 vessels of various designations at any point.

In addition to actual cargo and transport services, shipping companies and vessels in specific are utilized as investment-type assets for the purpose of financial transactions. This is important as very often states and governments monetize assets or simply require means for the purpose of diversifying their capital.

Black Betty is also well-linked with other transport means, inclusive of road and rail. Combined with its operations in air-transport the group can cover logistics from the beginning of a project all the way through completion. Integrating further its operations along its key business segments clients of Black Betty can enjoy a single contract that delivers a set of solutions to their projects and requirements, without further sub-contracting or complicated structures that bring inefficiencies.


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