Part of Black Betty’s offering is its corporate support services.

Although it is a G2G type company offering facilitation services to Governments, the fact is that either for the purpose of SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles) or to support individuals or to simply establish presence, corporate structures are in most cases necessary.
As such Black Betty maintains affiliates in the form of consulting companies for the purpose of establishing, supporting and running corporate structures in overseas regions. Instability, uncertainty and simple tax efficiency or access to established corporate frameworks are reasons for establishing and operating legal entities in certain jurisdictions.
London and Western Europe including Switzerland are jurisdictions of choice for setting up company structures to take advantage of streamlined trade operations and to utilize the stability of their systems and legal framework and also to “westernize” the capital flows involved. So, in addition to the actual legal entity establishment Black Betty provides all the adjacent services associated with these, such as banking (standard corporate bank accounts), legal services and accounting services. Any individual or Government can take advantage of such an offering which delivers a turn-key solution to cover all corporate requirements.


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