Following frequent requests from existing governmental clients, Black Betty has since 2011, initiated the proprietary development of advanced telecommunications systems and dedicated human and material resources to best serve its clients with their security requirements.

Its expertise and products and services range are focused around the telecommunication segment of government operations and cover both protection of communications as well as interception and compromise of hostile activity. All of Black Betty’s products and services are developed completely in-house and marketed exclusively through direct Governmental links. No information or material is available in the public domain, hence reducing any risks for compromise.

On a secondary level, and since 2013, Black Betty has embarked on diversifying its security apparatus offering. Working closely with several governments it has designed an integrated solution for combating illicit trafficking and managing and controlling crowd and social unrest.

Working closely with the Ministries for Internal Affairs of countries it has provided advanced technology through UAV systems for border patrol and projected territorial reconnaissance and threat identification. In addition the same technology has been used for monitoring and controlling crowds during periods of unrest and in some occasions for patrolling and monitoring critical infrastructure, including remote power generation and storage facilities, electricity grids, pipeline networks and natural disasters (including fires, floods and warfare-caused destruction).

 Our corporate portfolio is further complemented by a recent technology for the assessment and psychological profiling of government assets. With human resources being an integral and sensitive part of any government, we can provide comprehensive and conclusive parameter and character assessment and profiling of subjects to assist a government with human resource selection and continuous assessment.

Finally, through partnering with several governments and international agencies, Black Betty is capable of offering security and defence professionals to complement a state’s own resources and conduct security operations at all levels. Whether that is the collection, handling and transmission of intelligence through to electronic warfare, counter intelligence and population control, we have proven capability of offering complete solutions.

Today it is capable of delivering technology for supporting
– Secure communications (Encryption of data and voice)
– Telecommunications intelligence and counter intelligence
– Secure data storage
– Sweeping
– Full scale interception and target compromise
– Electronic Warfare


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